Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shopping Season

Hi Everyone,

Just in case you're still suffering from the Thanksgiving itis, here's a chance for you to have some retail therapy and help children at the same time. Here are the links for two of the designers who will be at the event, both of whom are part of Ladies Who Launch:

  • Beadiful - featuring dazzling jewelry (she'll even do custom orders for your special gifts!)

  • G Schneider Designs - stop here for the most intricate tops made of the softest cotton you've ever experienced!

I hope you can make it!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

November 2006

I can’t believe we only have less than 8 weeks left in the year! I’m sure everyone is bustling about getting ready for the holidays. To help with the preparations, I’ve prepared a special edition of The Wise Guide. Please forward to your friends and let me know if you have any tips to add!


  • Staying Clean in a Dirty City
  • Helping Others During the Holidays
  • Inspiration for Your Cube
  • Get Your Kicks Outta Telemarketers
  • Q&A

Staying Clean in a Dirty City


YES! I know I’m Type A, but these city mitts just took it to a whole new level. They are antimicrobial gloves that protect you against such threats as subway poles and door handles. When I first heard of them I imagined they were like something you’d wear in a hospital, but they’re actually kinda stylish. Besides, who wants to be sick at Thanksgiving dinner?


Helping Others During the Holidays


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the organizations that need help during the holidays. Thankfully, Boston Cares puts the opportunities all in one place. You can do a onetime serve or stay with one organization as long as you’d like. Check it out!


Inspiration for Your Cube

Each year when I have my Christmas flight booked, I start to get antsy and have an extremely hard time focusing on work. Anything, I can do to spruce up my cube helps to make it easier to sit at. See Jane Work has the best desk accessories I’ve ever seen! There’s nothing like a paisley printed folder to make your TPS reports more appealing.

Get Your Kicks Outta Telemarketers


Who wants to have their precious holiday time ruined by pesky telemarketers? NPR suggested a fun way to get one up on them. Next time they call, log on to Sorry Gotta Go and play one of their pre-recorded sounds such as a baby crying or cows mooing. All you have to say is “Sorry, gotta go!” then click and you’re through. (This also works for ex-boyfriends who won’t stop calling.)



Q: What happens to unclaimed baggage?

A: I’ve lost my luggage on my way to a one month stint in Jamaica only to have it resurface 2 months later. I count myself lucky. The luggage that is never connected with their owners goes here. You can find deeply discounted iPods, digital cameras and designer watches. It’s a great stop for bargain holiday shopping or even a little something for yourself!


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