Monday, January 29, 2018

Quiana in Action

Shirt via Myrtle & Flossie

"What exactly do you do?"

It's a question I often get asked directly and sometimes it's implied so I thought it would be helpful to share the projects I'm currently working on especially if there are followers whose work might align with what I'm doing and which might lead to future partnerships. 

Here we go...

With my co-panelists at Mom 2.0 2017 (L to R): Dani, Jenn & Nellie

Influencer - I know there's been some backlash and disdain for that word, but at this stage, beyond being a blogger, it works for me. For those who have been following me since 2009, I'm clearly not in this traditional blogging space as I used to be in years past, and this has been a transformation that is representative of the blogging industry at large (speaking of which check out this piece about the latest shifts in blogging). As I shared at Mom 2.0 2017,  I've used my blog to springboard into other opportunities. 

Speaking of which...

Winning Best Speech at my monthly Toastmasters Meeting:
"Finding Your Inner Oprah" 
Public Speaker - From speaking at Blogalicious, BlogHer, Mom 2.0 and coming up in a few weeks at Alt Summit in Palm Springs, my blog has taken me from being behind the screen to being face-to-face. Using my platform for influence has taken top priority and while there are still opportunities to monetize in this space, I am a firm believer in multiple profit centers as I've touched on before. I've also picked back up with my involvement in Toastmasters from mine and Mr. Lovebird's time in Harlem when we achieved the Competent Communicator level. We are now moving onto advanced and I'm excited for our path ahead. 

A throwback with my sisters from our launch photoshoot 

Trifecta Media Group
- The consulting company I launched in partnership with my sisters when I relocated to NH in 2014 has been quietly picking up steam via word of mouth and now with both of my children in school full time this is the first full year that I can turn more attention to my business which champions small businesses in the areas of PR, Graphic Design and Marketing. 

Moms Demand Action - I am the Community Outreach Lead for Boston's new chapter. This past Saturday was Moms Demand Action's 5th anniversary and while I'm still getting the lay of the land having been nearly 10 years removed from Boston from the time we moved back, rather than wring my hands crying at every new gun incident, I decided I needed to take action. Moms Demand Action is a national organization supported by millions of moms (and dads too) which was born out of the Newtown tragedy and this video powerfully demonstrates the work that is being done:

WRJI - The Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative was born out of reunion 2017, my 15th, where in the wake of our nation's state of affairs a number of alums gathered to discuss a course of action to combat racism. We have a host of projects we are taking on and are gathering support across the country and class years. It is a motivating project that aligns with other work I'm doing and it's been impactful to geographically be closer to my alma mater as we move forward with the work we're doing. 

Community Organizations - I am involved with a couple neighborhood organizations too one of which I've been able to lend my writing skills and the other my outreach skills and comfortability with being outward facing across many different groups of people. These are integral to me and my family deepening our permanent roots here in Boston. 

And of course there is the role of wife and mother - my domestic roles of the heart. These are why I do what I do and what drives me to fully embrace this shift I've seen in the direction of my space online. It's been empowering to see how all of these roles and projects align and from a livelihood perspective see the ways that I'm creatively able to develop partnerships and generate income.

Having Uka fully support my ambitions as he promised in our wedding vows has made all the difference and having known me since we were 18, our relationship is such a treasure. There are dreams and plans we have for ourselves and the beautiful part is the lasting legacy and example I know that we are building for our children. 

What I've shared here is ever-evolving and growing. Also, not everything I do is listed here, but I do hope it helps to answer the questions I often get. I am a thinker, a connector, an activist and a business-minded woman. I am thankful that Harlem Lovebirds has helped me grow into all of those things.