Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy Belated New Year!

So I'm writing this while on muscle relaxers and prescription ibuprofen, but I think I can do it. If any of this is incoherant, I apologzie. Anyway, I know we're in the midst of global warming as An Inconvenient Truth warned. Why is it almost mid-January and 50 something degrees here in Boston??? Honestly, I'm afraid, and not just because the polar bears are turning into cannibals.

Enough of my rant, here's what's new:

Annie Leibovitz is AMAZING and you NEED to watch the current PBS documentary. Let me know what you think!

Or you can watch me . . .

What I'm reading

Joie de Vivre - I first saw this book at the new MFA Paris fashion exhibit, but didn't buy it until a couple months later when Border's was running 40% off coupons in The New York Times. Gotta be a bargain hunter! Anyway, I have a major obsession with Europe and having never been to France I thought this book would give me a chance to bring a bit of France into my Brighton studio. The simple pictures that accompany the recipes (assiette de charcuterie , pictured left)and stories of France are almost a mini-escape within the pages of the book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mark your calendar!

Boston Fashion Weekend
I'm on the planning committee so I had to mention it! More details to come. . .

Crafty Showcase

Some of you may remember that I posted about Spark Crafts a while back. Well good news: I finished my 6-week knitting intensive and I am now a knitter. I had taken a sewing class at the BCAE, but I like knitting better because it's portable. Take a look at the hats my sister and I knitted while I was home for Christmas. Let me know if you'd like one and I'll make one for a small fee, of course!

Now why didn't I think of that???

  • No lie, just last week I was thinking:“I wish I had an easier way to transport my laundry detergent.” Well, I guess our friends at OxiClean had the same idea. . .

  • Now this almost looks like a "special" toy, but it really is clever: Banana Bunker

Concerning your wallet

  • Speaking of coupons above, you should really check out Fabu. It has hundreds of online and in store coupons and deals to help you save money on your upcoming purchases. If you end up using it please e-mail me and tell me about your deal. If it's good I'll post it in an upcoming issue of The Wise Guide!

  • USA Today has been running a special on young people and money. They use real-life profiles. Check it out!


Tech buzz
  • Gadget I NEED!!! This cool self-adhering, travel-size tripod let's you take pictures from any angle. It's almost as good as having your own photographer.

  • Google Buster? I adore Google, but there's a new browser on the block: ChaCha. What makes it different/better than Google? Well, it's realtime searching by an actual person based on lifelike speech aka human-powered search. Confused? Read this.


Some people think this is cute