Saturday, February 23, 2008

Q's Baaaack!

Some of you know that my laptop crashed last year and finally it's up and running although I'm still hoping my hard drive with 10 years worth of data can somehow be recovered. On March 11 I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary of my relocation from Boston. To commemorate this, here's a quick timeline of how I ended up in Manhattan:

My Engagement

On September 25, 2007, my best friend, Uka and I got engaged. Here's the story:

I was born on my mother's birthday, September 22, and this past year I was scheduled to go to Las Vegas with girlfriends however they weren't able to go. I spoke to my mom and she asked, "Do you think you guys will ever get married?" and I responded, "Yes, I think it's right around the corner." Well, little did I know how much I was telling the truth! Uka was awaiting his visa for Japan so he decided to come with me since he would have had to fly west anyway. While there I wanted to look at rings with him and while doing so he was asking many diamond 101 question that had me very nervous about getting married anytime soon!

The following day we were coming back to the resort and I was skipping down the sidewalk like a little girl saying, "This is the best trip ever!" When we got into the condo he asked, "What's the best day of your life?" and I answered, "That's easy: The day I was born!" He said, "Well I want to make this the best day of your life!" and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I didn't think he was serious and inched closer to look at the ring. I started giggling like a school girl and said, "Of course!" Little did I know that all summer he had been visiting Manhattan's diamond district, working with an independent jeweler to design the most perfect Asscher cut engagement ring!

Next summer when we get married in Puerto Rico, we will have known each other for nearly 10 years. The way we have supported each other and our genuine friendship have thus far been the best foundation of our relationship. We know that Puerto Rico may be a challenge for some of our guests, so we are having a Nigerian ceremony in New York as well as a reception in my hometown of Columbus.

Tech Corner: BlackBerry Pearl - My New Addiction

So many of you know my frustration with my Motorola Q. I had gone through three of them I was finally fed up and decided to finally submit to the CrackBerry. I only paid $50 which I found reasonable although I was a bit nervous of dealing with the two characters per key. I've had it for only 3 days and so far I know this is the phone for me. I can watch You Tube videos and I downloaded the iPhone theme so I feel like I have the best of both words now. AND the fact that it's pink - well that just sealed the deal!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Q's Lust List

Nowadays it seems like everyone's very much concerned about their carbon footprint. I calculated mine on Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth website. Truly, if you haven't watched this movie by now, shame on you! Although I got rid of my car when I moved to Manhattan and now rely on the subway, sometimes I do think about what an alternative would be if I ever wanted another mode of transportation. Now this is my speed (plus it matches my CrackBerry!), but I'm hoping a hybrid model is in development: