Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visiting Family

In October we went on a grand Agbai family tour where we did the following:
  • Flew to ATL to see Sammy, Uka's brother
  • Got a rental and drove to Anderson, SC to see Lauren, Quiana's sister
  • Drove the rental car back to ATL
  • Flew from ATL to Charlotte to see Uka's Aunt Kachi and her family (3 adorable little girls!)
  • Flew from Chartlotte to NYC
Whew! It was a lot of fun and we ate WAAAAY too much. Here are some highlights:

Oh! One quick explanation, well a couple: it was Halloween so the picture of  Quiana with the fake butt is inside a Halloween store. We got a bit carried away! Also, the guy with the crown is a representation of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. We went to see it while in SC and before the movie they had a reading of the book. It was a fun surprise and kinda cool to hear the story in a Southern accent!