Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introducing.....Papa Agbai!!!

Hola everybody. It's the other half of the Harlem Love Birds, Uka aka Papa Agbai. Quiana and I thought it would only be right if both "birds" made entries into the blog. I must admit, I am a noob when it comes to blogging but I find this form of expression intriguing. Where else can you write whatever you want, whenever you want and have the world view it? Only on the Internet my friends.

If you have been reading our blog (I hope you have), you know 'Q' and I have known each other for 10 years and will soon be proud parents of a baby it. I say 'baby it' because the sex of the baby has yet to be determined. Some parents-to-be say they want to be surprised when their bundle of joy is born. Well I say, Papa Agbai don't like surprises. I need to be mentally prepared for what's to come.

Check this scenario: In the hospital room, the baby is born, the doctor wraps it in a blanket and presents it to you. The doctor says, "Congratulations, you are the proud parents of a baby DRAGON."

Random and obscure? Yes, I know but it is also important. Had you known months ago that you were having a baby dragon, you could've read up on raising a dragon, learned how to fireproof your home and got advice from other parents of baby dragons. It sounds weird but that's how I feel as a first time parent.

Having a child is a blessing in itself, but for me, having a 'lil man' would be amazing. I always dreamed of giving my son his haircuts, teaching him how to play basketball, and  having that birds and bees talk when he got older. But then again, having a girl would be nice too. She could be 'lil mama' and would be smart and beautiful like her mother. 'Daddy's little girl' would sweeten my heart. We should know in a month what the baby will be. Boy or girl, we will be ecstatic and proud. Hopefully, it's not a dragon.