Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scrabble Obsession

I love, love, love board games and have fond memories of playing Memory with my dad (it was the adult and baby animals version!), Battleship all by myself (the electronic version), and, at my grandma's house, Monopoly and Scrabble. My grandma had the deluxe version of Scrabble that held each letter tile in it's own plastic square so they wouldn't move. I never remember keeping score, but it was still a fun way to pass time. 

Last fall Uka and I were in Barnes & Noble and picked up a travel Scrabble on a whim. We had some trips coming up and thought it would be fun to take along with us. At first we didn't play for points and ended up making words like this:

Yeah, lots of 3 letter words evident of the 3 college degrees between the 2 of us! One day we actually sat down and read the rules and decided we should start playing for points. Boy, did  it start getting competitive! We came up with words that I had thought would be in the deepest recesses of our minds but somehow they suddenly came to the forefront:

Sure, we had to insert an occasional 2 or 3 letter word, but hey, "dozer" and "coif?" C'mon!

Here's another round:

I'm still impressed when I see the word, "Norse." Why was that even floating around in my mind???

Sure, we have a Wii, wireless  Internet and digital cable, but sometimes it's nice to go back to board games and have a nice quiet (competitive) evening at home. 

Yeah, that's my twin below . . .

I remember watching "Disappearing Acts" and while I didn't like the movie, I liked the fact that they played Scrabble and I found it romantic then. Perhaps playing Scrabble with Uka re-enacts what I felt when watching that movie. I dunno. 

Let us know what games you like to play. It might be fun to schedule a game night soon . . .