Saturday, February 6, 2010

So Uka's in Buenos Aires . . .

It's been a long wait, but Uka finally left for Argentina almost 2 weeks ago:

For some reason they used an old BC pic on the announcement which is kinda funny! He looks kinda angry. Here's a more recent picture:

After 10 years of knowing Uka and him being abroad since the fall of 2004 I'm used to the distance, but now it's a bit hard since this is the longest we've ever been separated since being married. Also, since we had never lived together before it's been odd for me suddenly being alone right when I got used to being with him. I guess technically, I'm not alone cause I'm here with Baby Agbai!

Anyway, whenever Uka goes away we talk over Yahoo via PC-to-PC calling. It's usually pretty clear and it seems like since Uka was in Venezuela last year Yahoo's updated their calling software and it's even clearer. If we run into problems we switch to Skype.

I love to drill Uka with questions about the new countries he goes to. I'm alway anxious for pictures, and I want to know the smallest details, nuances and quirks about the culture. For example, he explained how he had to light a pilot light to heat the hot water for his apartment and that no one had told him exactly how to do so. He thought he was going to blow up the apartment and to hear him explain it sounds like an episode of McGyver! He finally sent me a picture of what the contraption looks like:

Uka tells me because of his schedule of 2 practices a day he isn't able to go out and explore the city; being in another country isn't vacation for him - it's work. When I go to visit in a few weeks I'll try to get us out to explore a little bit and enjoy the culture if I can. Uka lives in the town of Nunez which is northern Buenos Aires. There are 50K inhabitants and it's quiet and clean which is good:

There's so much to do in Buenos Aires; I bought a mini-guide book that has a map in it so I'm ready to hit the streets! But Uka's warned me to be careful because there is dog poo EVERYWHERE. I thought Queens was bad, but he says it's worse. I even found a blog dedicated to dog poop in Buenos Aires:

Right now it's their summer, but by the time I go it will be starting to cool down but it will still seem very warm to me. It's in the 80s/90s there now but will be in the 70s. Very nice indeed! I picked up some Liz Lange maternity capris from Target and have plenty of Old Navy summer dresses that will still fit me so I'm all set. Don't know if I'll have courage to don a bathing suit though! Here's my last bikini pic and I don't want to imagine what I look like now in it ;-)

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