Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a GIRL!

So on Tuesday, March 9 at 9a.m. we went for the 2nd ultrasound. I knew we'd probably find out the gender for sure, but I drank some OJ on the way to the hospital to be sure Baby Agbai would wiggle around a bit. It was Uka's first time at the ultrasound. We had to wait a bit and the actual scan happened around 9:30. The technician had the screen pointed away from me which was kinda annoying, but Uka could see. I eventually asked her to turn it around. Uka said he saw Baby Agbai punching her arms and kicking really strongly. We could see her eyes too and now that they are in their final position they are definitely Uka's eyes - big and perfectly round (like her head!). I have always said Uka has Precious Moments eyes and my sister pointed out that the baby's head is round like Harold and the Purple Crayon (before I thought it looked more like Charlie Brown, but Ari's assessment is more accurate!):

Now some people have said, "Oh babies heads are always round," but I've scanned many ultrasounds online and ours is the roundest head I've ever seen for how far along I am. Some baby's heads are round/elongated in the back or just round at the front, but Baby Agbai's head is a prefect circle! 

Before revealing the gender the technician asked if we wanted a boy or girl or if it mattered and we told her we wanted a boy. She then said, "Well, you'll have to try next time." Honestly, I was disappointed and my face fell. I asked her to show me how she knew and when she turned the screen around and showed me Baby Agbai's little thighs I could clearly see between them that it was a girl. 

I know everyone says, "Oh you should just be happy to have a healthy baby," which, btw, the technician said she appears to be extremely healthy and strong, and that I shouldn't expect any complications. However, there's nothing wrong with feeling a bit disappointed. Why do I feel this way? Because I had imagined having a boy first as the big brother of the family and a little version of Uka. But yes, there's always next time, and it'll be fun trying!

So about baby names, yes, we do have one. Our immediate family knows the name but we are keeping it under wraps until she's born. We definitely want to do everything gender neutral as far as the nursery is concerned - no pink, frills or lace here! 

Anyway, I'm just relieved at this point to properly refer to Baby Agbai as "her" from now on :-)