Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember when TLC (The Learning Channel) was about learning?

What ever happened to the time when you could watch The Learning Channel (TLC) and leave your couch with at least a gram of new knowledge? A time when the 'learning' in 'The LEARNING Channel' meant you would LEARN something. Those days are long gone and I fear will never return. Now we have the pleasure of viewing low-brow nonsense. The countdown to the dumbing down of America, and maybe even the world, has begun. 5-4-3-2.....DUMB.

I remember watching TLC when I was a child and they would have shows about science, nature and history. If I got up early enough, I could watch one of my all-time favorite children shows, Zoobilee Zoo starring the great Ben Vereen (if you didn't know what Zoobies were, you probably wasn't one of the cool kids).

As time went on, there were more shows about styling homes, getting married and having babies. Those shows, although lesser in intelligence to their predecessors, I would still consider 'learning shows'. I learned how to have more feng shui in my room and how extremely nasty childbirth looks (Sorry ladies, the life is beautiful, but the gunk is NASTY).

The newer TLC is quite a disappointment. I understand that high ratings and commercial sponsors pay the bills, but seriously, how many Ewoks do you need on one channel? How many shows can you have with wombs that were created during the Industrial Era that have the ability to manufacture children like a Twinkie factory?

I'm just being humorous and I may sound offensive, but, I am not saying anything different than many former fans already think. Just because The Learning Channel has become an acronym doesn't mean they are not THE LEARNING CHANNEL. I propose they change their name altogether. Maybe, THE LITTLE PEOPLE/UNSTOPPABLE WOMBS NETWORK would suffice.

Side note: Scrabble are coming out with a new version of the classic game, Scrabble Trickster. Trickster allows you to use proper nouns and spell words backwards. Although only to be sold in Europe, the DUMBING DOWN has began. Examples of high scoring words....JAY-Z: 23 points, BEYONCE: 64 points, SHAKIRA: 64 points. These are the words our children will be trying to spell when the play, instead of ZYMURGY: 75pts (Zymurgy-the scientific study of alcoholic brewing...spelling bee, here I come).