Thursday, June 24, 2010

Growing Up Virgo

"Virgos tend to make things look easy because we are perfectionists, so people think, 'Oh, there's not much there,' because I've made it look easy, but that's not the case." - Tom Ford, New York Magazine


For some reason I've been thinking about the traits of various zodiac signs, perhaps because people keep saying, "Oh, your baby will be a Leo!" after I share my due date. Apparently they are very strong willed and determined. 

Well, I was born on my mom's birthday, September 22, and I was having a conversation with my dad the other day who reiterated that not only was I born on the 22nd but I was 22" long and my mom labored 22 hours with me. Besides being born on my mom's birthday, that's a pretty Type A way to enter the world!

Deep down I think Mr. Love Bird is very thankful that Baby Agbai will not be a Virgo. He agrees that Virgos have very distinct characteristics (his mom was a Virgo too). I was never much into zodiac signs myself, but I do notice similar traits that are too strong to ignore in other Virgos. So what are some of these traits?
  • Preciseness
  • Refinement
  • Fastidious love of cleanliness, hygiene and good order
  • Critically inclined
  • Emotionally cold
  • Thoroughness 
Overall I just call these Type A traits. Emotionally cold struck me as a bad trait, but I agree that I can be that way at times. Not sure about it being described as cold, but maybe a bit emotionally distant - it just takes me a while to warm up! I try to rationalize things a lot. Growing up my parents would call me Stone Face and nickname me The Law - not great for an 8 year old, right?! I'm not exactly sure what made me this way, but when I look back on my journals, which I've been keeping since I was 7, I definitely see a general sense of impatience and rigid practicality that I've had with nearly every situation I've encountered.

The good news is that now, as an adult, I'm very much aware of this and I've tried to temper it as much as possible (this involves a lot of deep breathing, prayer and Bible reading!). Uka agrees that I've become more mellow since being married. 

Here are a few other Virgos whose Type A-ness is quite evident:

When I saw the ear piece sound check scene in This Is It I completely identified with MJ and how annoying it can be when something isn't precisely how you want it yet you want it fixed IMMEDIATELY. This is when I start breathing deeply . . .

I saw Beyonce in a cloud of Virgo Type A-ness when performing on 106 & Park. She was so committed to her steps that when Michelle fell, she just kept on going, sacrificing nothing for the perfection of her routine. Even Kelly looked slightly more sympathetic than B:

Michelle Williams of Destiney's Child takes a fall

Michael | MySpace Video

Now Tom Ford is just so. That's the only way I can describe him. Like his quote above he really does make everything seem so effortless. I still haven't seen A Single Man, but just from what I've read I know it's going to be very enjoyable to watch because of his impeccable attention to detail. 

There are a few others who I believe should have honorary Virgo status such as Colin Cowie, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey, but they feed my Type A-ness just the same. 

It's been a great nearly 30 years as a Virgo and I look forward to being a more conscientious Virgo as I step into motherhood. I'm sure I'll have to let go of some of my Type A-ness!



  1. I have to giggle at this post. :) My mom is a Virgo, and I am a Leo. You already know about Virgo's since you are one, so let me just say about having a Leo - watch out for the drama! Hahaha. I was a good kid & I didn't get into trouble, but I have always had a flair for the dramatic. I think I kept my parents on their toes. Good luck! You're going to have fun :)

  2. @Sarah Ha ha! Thanks Sarah =) Mr. Love Bird cringed when he ready this!

  3. @Quiana

    My dramatics only really got on my brothers nerves, and he's a Gemini... so most things get on his nerves. Haha! (I hope your husband isn't a Gemini.) hehehe.