Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harlem Pool Date

Now that I have 4 weeks to go until Baby Agbai arrives I have a sudden urge to go swimming! It's not because it's super hot outside, but when I was walking alongside Jackie Robinson Park last week I noticed the pool was filled with water and it looked so inviting:

It opened this week, and I found out it's FREE! I had posted on Facebook my dilemma of buying a new maternity swimsuit for only 4 weeks of use, but one of my friend's suggested just wearing a bikini and overing up with one of Uka's shirts. I checked the rules and as long as the shirt is white I can do it! YAY!

I've checked the weather, and it looks like next Monday will be my swimming day (90 degrees!). Uka's going to come with me, and I want to get there right when it opens. 

I'll be sure to post an update with pictures after my visit, but I'm very much looking forward to mine and Uka's pool date! Here's an "official" picture of the Jackie Robinson pool:

Now you really want to know what makes me excited beyond just our pool date??? It's thinking about taking my lil' baby chunky there next summer; I already know she's gonna be a Waterbaby!