Saturday, June 12, 2010

Squeaky Wheel - Update #4

In January I met for a fellow Wellesley alum for a casual business brunch at Society in Harlem. I saw on the website that it had a small, cafe-ish vibe and had heard from a few people that it was good so I decided it'd make a good meeting spot.

Well my experience was less than stellar and as soon as I got back home I wrote a review on Yelp about it. Yelp is one of my favorite sites and often the first place I go to when deciding new places to try. I haven't written a ton of reviews there, but I've maintained a style of constructive criticism as well as praise for many of my reviews. There are some reviewers that are more well known for their humor and others who leave out critical details. but I try to strike a balance between the two so readers can get a quick take on my experience. 

I usually like to visit a spot a few times before writing a review, but in the case of Society, I had to write immediately about my experience. You can read the review here under January (I have a profile pic on my review). 

Anyway, the owner wrote me an e-mail last month after reading my review. He let me know about the improvements that had been made at Society and offered me a free meal (he recommended the shrimp and grits or the red velvet waffles - YUM!). He provided an e-mail stating what I was entitled to, and I just have to show it to the waiter. I told Uka about it, and he's agreed to be my date. I look forward to posting an updated review about my experience on Yelp.

It's good to know my review didn't fall on deaf ears, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear directly from the owner. 

The squeaky wheel triumphs!