Friday, July 23, 2010

My Groupon Experience Pt. 1

So I jumped on the bandwagon and finally made my first Groupon purchase this week. I had heard of the service for a while and didn't completely understand it but went ahead and signed up. I had been on the distribution list for a few months, but a couple days ago I saw an offer I couldn't pass up: eyebrow threading AND Brazilian wax for $20!

Now at first I was skeptical because the place I prefer for threading costs $17 and the place I prefer for Brazilian waxing costs $80. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I've tried less expensive places, and I've found you really get what you pay for. The thought of getting both of these services for only $20 was very appealing, and I checked out the customer comments and decided to purchase.

I want to get a Brazilian wax before the baby's born as it will significantly help with postpartum clean-up and healing. I've had them several times over the years, and I'm a big fan. It helps with hygiene immensely!!! Sorry if this is TMI, but it's a subject I'm very enthusiastic about. 

Anyway, I'm calling this post "Pt. 1" because my appointment is next Wednesday, so I'll post the results about actually redeeming the Groupon offer and the actual service I receive. Besides the super-low price, I was a bit nervous about the overwhelming response the offer would receive (nearly 2,000 people signed up!) and that I wouldn't be able to schedule an appointment before I go into labor, but I called and there was no issue with securing the appointment date and time I wanted.

Besides the Brazilian wax, I'll get my mani/pedi done the same day. I'm not really in need of threading but I may just have them touch my brows up a bit. I figure if I go a week past my due date my nails should still be relatively fresh (particularly the pedicure) and the Brazilian will look great for at least 6-8 weeks which should cover my recovery period. 

Have any of our readers used Groupon? How has your experience been?


  1. I will be using one tonight at a my favorite pizza joint. I don't anticipate any problems with a restaurant style one.

    I recently purchased another one for a photography session. It was like $49 for a one-hour session, CD of images and some pictures for web release - an excellent deal. The photog (a one-woman shop) sold 1000 in a matter of hours. It got a bit out of control and they had to extend the expiration date and limit the count to 2K...they all sold. My session is in Jan. Despite the number of bookings, she was very responsive. We'll see how the session goes!

    $80 for a wax? Thank goodness I live in the South! My waxnista is Brazilian, does a fabulous job and charges $40. I continued to go to her through pregnancy. When you wait too long between it hurts too much LOL.

  2. I am a Groupon fanatic! I've mostly bought restaurant deals, but I just got a baby-safe carpet cleaning service deal...4 rooms for $45.
    I'm sure your waxing will go well.