Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Groupon Experience Pt. 2

So here's the follow-up to Pt. 1 of my Groupon experience:

Yesterday I headed to Thread on Nassau ST to redeem my Groupon. I had originally scheduled my appointment for 11a.m., but the day before I decided to reschedule for 12:30p.m. Well the time came for me to go, and I was not going to make it out on time so I just called ahead and explained I was slow and pregnant and the receptionist was totally understandable and friendly and told me that she remembered what her pregnancy days were like and said I'd get there when I got there. Whew!

So I got there at 1p.m. and the shop was covered by scaffolding on the outside but the signage was very clear. The salon was sleek and clean and the receptionist greeted me warmly, "So you must be the pregnant lady!" They took me right away and explained I'd submit the Groupon for the eyebrow threading and Brazilian wax when I was complete.

There were several aestheticians available and the receptionist directed me to Bindu. Now my eyebrows had been threaded about three weeks ago so I explained that I just needed minor clean-up. In about 5 minutes I was done and they looked fantastic! I didn't even realize there was that much to clean-up, but they definitely look neater and my arch much sharper.

Next, Bindu lead me to the back for the Brazilian wax. I thought the salon would be daunted by my pregnancy, but they weren't. Bindu was very sensitive and helped me get up on the table. Additionally, she commended me for getting the Brazilian before labor as she said it would really aid with post-partum clean-up (this is what I tried in vain to explain to my mother!).

She explained that she would be gentle and was concerned about my comfort and pain threshold the entire time. I reassured her that I was ok. It didn't hurt anymore than I was used to. Honestly, I was concerned that because of the increased blood flow that I might bleed, but I didn't. The whole process was done under 15 minutes and I think the fact that I trimmed (blindly!) beforehand helped. She even helped me get back into my underwear!

Afterward, I asked for water and Bindu gave me a cup from the back kitchen promptly. She wished me well in my labor, I made change for her tip, left it in the envelope and headed on my way.

This was a very easy and pleasant experience!

I will definitely be using Groupon again and will look to Thread as an alternative to J Sisters, where I usually go. J Sisters costs twice as much as Thread, but it's closer to where I live.