Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Check-In

So the next 4 weeks are the final countdown, so thought I'd do a quick check in:
  • For the 4th we went to church followed by a BBQ in Brooklyn with our friends Kim and Steve; we had such a fun time! They made my day by having bomb pops, but stores don't carry the old fashioned kind, just the straight ones. They're still good though!

  •  The big news is that my lil sis Ariane is moving to NYC today! She'll stay with me a month until she finds her own place. It'll be so nice to have family in the city (and an occasional babysitter!). It feels so good to be a blessing to her; I remember being done with Wellesley and really wanting to move to NYC but I did not have a job offer there or the means to move and look so I stuck it out in Boston for 5 more years. I'm happy she can get her start in the city early!
  • I had originally wanted to go swimming today, but since I'm going to be alone most of the day I decided it'd be better not to go there by myself. My sister will go with me tomorrow so I'll post an update then. No pool date yet for me and Mr. Love Bird. . .
  • One of my students I used to tutor at the ABC program is coming to visit me this afternoon! She hasn't seen my bump yet so I'm so excited to visit with her. She just finished grad school at BC (Uka's alma mater), and I'm SO proud of her!
  • I've now made it to the point where I have to see my dr. every week so I have an appt. this Friday; I won't be doing weekly belly pics, but the next one will be 40 weeks if I make it that far or right before I know I'm gonna pop, whichever comes first!
  • A few other quick projects I'm working on:
    • Anticipating the arrival of the car seat - UPDATE: since last post it's now slated to arrive July 8th instead of the 19th. Hooray for FedEx!
    • Writing out any last minute birth wishes/notes/things to remember for the hospital (relying heavily on Ina May's book!)
    • Finishing Baby Agbai's closet
    • Prepping for the last baby shower this Saturday
    • Doing a bit of reading for pleasure:

One last note of congratulations to Jenn over at BabyMakingMachine; a fellow 1st time, 20-something mommy. She had her little princess on July 3:

Have a wonderful extended holiday weekend everyone!