Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Are You Baby Agbai? (and Date w/ Hubby!)

Just a quick update that Uka and I went to the dr. yesterday for the NST and an ultrasound. Baby girl is snug and tight - very healthy and fluid levels are normal. Tomorrow at 10a.m. we'll go to the dr. again to see if my cervix is more favorable for induction. If not not I'll just keep waiting. If it is I'll go to the hospital tomorrow night for an induction.

Because the fetal monitoring took so long we weren't able to catch a matinee of Inception so we're off to see it now!

Yay for a date with hubby =)


  1. I know how frustrating it is to wait - especially when you are up against an induction.

    Good luck. Sending positive birth and baby vibes your way!

    Inception was great. I want to see it again. I haven't thought that hard about anything since LOST went off LOL.

  2. she is camping out in there, huh? I know that weary feeling you get near the finish line. best wishes on tomorrow. I can't wait to see the lil beauty!

  3. Baby Agbai is holding out for cooler weather, lol.

  4. Awwwww...Best of luck to you and hubby and looking forward to pictures.

  5. Thank you all! Inception was FANTASTIC and it was great to have one last pre-baby date with hubby =)