Sunday, October 3, 2010


A Facebook friend of mine had this on her wall, and I found it funny:



  1. Sadly, I have run into many mothers like the one on the left and it urks me. The approach to motherhood is an individual decision and in my book all caring and concerned mothers rock, whether they nurse their babies or give them formula. It is not another persons place to constantly try to make themselves shine as a mother while downing another mother for their approach. Yes, I found this to be quite hilarious, just as I find the mothers who are always trying to out do the next mom!

  2. There are countless numbers of these women on twitter, and writing blogs, to the point that I started unfollowing people, lol. Im all for doing YOUR best for YOUR kids, but when you start judging other people, and pumping yourself up to be some parenting guru, that's when it's time to move to the left!

  3. This was very funny because it is so true!! I can't stand the mom's that think they are so great and just the "perfect" mom. I think most moms try to the best they can and they try to make the best choices they can for there children and family. Thanks for a few laughs today by posting this Q!

    *David loves watching these clips but they are fire runs and firefighter related. Very funny!!