Friday, October 22, 2010

Squeaky Wheel - Update #8

This is a squeaky wheel report without an actual squeak! Let me explain . . .

A few months ago I accidentally washed my glasses in the washing machine (they were in the pocket of my robe), and they snapped right in two. Well, I finally got around to getting a new pair and went earlier this week for an eye exam and fitting. I quickly picked a style similar to the broken pair and in all of 15 minutes I was done. They told me to call back in 5-7 days to see if they had arrived. 

In less than 48 hours I received a call that they had arrived. I thought it was odd and headed over to the eye dr. They pulled them out and they were not my glasses. They were more elaborate and decorative than anything I would've picked out. I mean, they were nice, but they were not my glasses. 

The associates showed me the accompanying prescription slip, and I agreed that yes, that was me but those were not my glasses. They asked me to try them on and the prescription was perfect. I looked in the mirror and WOW! They looked great on me. 

Well the manager asked who had taken care of me that day, and I told him. It was a young girl who was so engrossed in personal phone calls that she confused my first and last name on the form although my insurance card clearly stated it. I mean, why would my name be Agbai Quiana? Does that even make sense???

Anyway, the manager and associates all agreed that the glasses looked good on me and asked if I liked them. I said, yes. The manager then said, "Well, since they look good on you and you like them then you can keep them!"

Now these glasses were 3x the amount my insurance benefit would allow, and I asked several times if I was going to get slapped with a bill for the difference. The manager assured me I wouldn't and said that because it was their error it was fine. 


So here I am with my stylish glasses:

Here you can see the fancy design on the side:

When I walked out the store on 135th and Broadway then over to Amsterdam it was amazing how clear everything looked - even the sunset! I'll definitely be wearing these more frequently around the city. I looked downtown and could even see the windows on the Empire State Building! I was on the phone with my mom at the time, and she laughed at me but totally understood how I was feeling because I inherited my blindness from her.

I now wonder if Nia will have to wear glasses or will she have her father's perfect eyes . . .

Anyway, this was a great example of customer service and not having to "squeak" to get a good deal!

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  1. They do look good on you. I also wonder if my LO will have to wear glasses like his daddy or if he'll end up with my eyesight. Only time will tell. And great score on getting them for the same price!