Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TV in the Bedroom? No Way!

As Uka and I prepare to move, there is one rule we agree upon that will stay the same in our new apartment: no TV in the bedroom

Similar to our beliefs about bed-sharing, we believe TV in the bedroom kills intimacy. In fact, there was a heated discussion about this over on Unplggd, Apartment Therapy's technology website.

This commenter made her position clear:

"As for the sex question, holy cow, people, it's not TV that is the problem; it's being tired from being busy/active all day. Before I was a mom, sex wasn't just limited to the bedroom either. If I can have sex in the office or any other room, then why can't I watch a program in any old room?!"

There was also a commenter who believed bringing a Blackberry to bed was just as bad. Not sure how I feel about that one . . .

What do our readers think?


  1. We've never had a t.v. in our bedroom and we don't ever plan to have one in our bedroom. We both agree that bedrooms are for intimacy and sleeping. I don't have a Blackberry any more but if it was interfering with the above 2 things than that would have to stay out of our bedroom too.

  2. I am a fairly recent convert to the No TV in the bedroom thing. When I moved into my second home, I watched a few too many decorating shows and decided that they never had dresser sets or TVs in their finished rooms. So I have no dresser and no TV in my room. I have a sitting room adjacent to the bedroom and the TV is in there.

    I like no TV in the bedroom better. I'm more inclined to relax and read in there instead of watching TV. It just feels more relaxed and better associated with sleeping.

    I'm actually beginning to hate the TV in the sitting room. I go to bed earlier than my husband and even with blocking shades on the french doors, I can see that pale TV light. It bugs the crap out of me.

  3. We didn't have a TV in our bedroom until we moved into our house two years ago and inherited a second TV. I was opposed to it at first, but now I find it convenient not having to go downstairs to watch CNN in the AM. It's set on a timer to turn off at bed time.