Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Natural Hair Thoughts

I came across a great You Tube channel called Girls Love Your Curls via Afro Puffs and Pontytails which shows styling options for little girls with natural hair. It's a wealth of information which I've bookmarked so I can return to it as Nia grows up.

The founder of the channel is from Ghana and has two adorable little girls:
Photo courtesy of Afro Puffs and Ponytails
She expressed exactly what I want for my hair relationship with Nia; the highlighted part expresses exactly what I was trying to get at in my previous posts (here and here): 

I believe helping my daughters to love and embrace their hair starts with me and how I respond to it. If a child feels their hair is a burden to their parent or caretaker, they will eventually internalize negative feelings about it. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are enjoying the process of maintaining their hair too. My aim is for them to develop positive associations. I try to make hair sessions as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. When I am doing a protective style, that takes a while, they get to watch a favorite movie. I make sure they have healthy snacks and drinks to hand. I also like to get them involved. We shop for cute hair accessories together that they can’t wait to put on! They really enjoy discussing what styles we should try next. When I’ve finished a style I let them help pick out their own hair accessories from our little collection.  

I really like this concept of creating a hair ritual with Nia and making it a special bonding time for the both of us.

For those of you with little girls, what is your hair relationship like? Fun or frustration?

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  1. Christen and I go to the salon together, she gets her hair in braids or two strand twist or both and get my hair in my usual style. When I do her hair, which is absolutely beautiful, thick, kinky and long, it’s hard, but it always turns out nice. She and I both love it after we fight during the blow drying process:-) We accessorize and I make it a learning experience as well. She must keep her accessories sorted by color and count the number of barrettes in each bag. While I don't have my hair in its natural state, I make sure Christen knows that if I had her hair I would:-)