Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nia's First Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful and busy Thanksgiving this year! Nia did pretty well with meeting her family for the first time - I don't count the previous times since at 3 1/2 months she is much more socially aware now.

This was her fashion statement for the day (actually taken at the end of the day):

This was taken after 12a.m. after spending about an hour in toll traffic for the GW bridge. She had a meltdown after this picture and went to sleep!

My parents and younger brother and sister got into town from D.C. on Wednesday night, and Nia was excited to finally meet her Aunt Lauren:

Lauren had been with my mom at the hospital when I was in labor but unfortunately they had both missed meeting Nia for the first time by a few hours due to their flight time.

Now out of all my siblings Lauren and I bear the strongest resemblance and my mom had said Nia might get confused thinking she was me and sure enough she did! It was kinda funny actually. Nia would follow Lauren around with her eyes looking at her when she was fussy when others were holding her. I could tell she was expecting Lauren to rescue her thinking it was me!

Thursday we went to Queens to be with Uka's family first before joining his brother and girlfriend's family in NJ, where my parents were too.

Here are is a pic of our little family with Uka's aunt who hosted Thanksgiving at her house:

Nia really enjoyed all the attention. It helped that she had ate before we got in the car and took a nap. Here she is on the way to Queens holding onto her monkey puppet:

Here's me, my parents and siblings with Nia in NJ:

I thought Nia looked so adorable with my mom in this pic, although she is quite serious:

On Friday night my parents stayed at our place while Uka, me and my siblings went to see Harry Potter. I had only seen the first two films in the theater and the rest either on-demand and DVD. I have to say I'm not a Harry Potter fan and could have passed on this one, but it was fun to be out with my family sans baby.

When we got back home I could hear Nia crying as soon as we stepped off the elevator. When she saw me and Uka come through the door she was so happy! I picked her up and she stopped crying immediately. Uka held her and after a couple little fussy sounds and a pouty lip she smiled at him too. 

Since then she slept over 12 hours including 7 hours overnight - the most EVER! Even when she was a newborn she didn't sleep 12 hours in a 24 hour period although forums and baby books said she would. I guess she was just so overwhelmed by the Thanksgiving festivities that she needed to recuperate.

Now I'm excited to plan Nia's first Christmas. That will be another post . . .


  1. Love the family photos! You mom is gorgeous! I see now where you get your looks...and your sister looks just like you!

  2. I love all the photos too! Q you looked gorgeous on Thanksgiving! Nia looked so cute and what an adorable dress! I love all the stories. I think it's funny she confused Lauren for you but you two do look so much alike. I'm glad you had such a fun family holiday! Can't wait to hear all about Nia's 1st Christmas! :)

  3. She is sooooooooooooo beautiful! Loved the photos thanks for sharing...