Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is my favorite EATING holiday, and although I am NOT cooking this year (thank God!) I'm sharing a quick run-down of the past five Thanksgivings:

2005: in Stockholm; a side trip
2005 - I went to Finland to visit Uka for Thanksgiving; I brought a suitcase full of packaged food and was stopped a couple times through security and customs but everything made it in one piece!

2006 - I cooked for Uka in Boston; he was coaching at Northeastern University that year

Me and my siblings in NYC
2007 - My family came to stay with me in my first apartment in NYC and we catered in from Whole Foods; it was delish!

2008 - Uka and I were in Baltimore with his sister, brother, brother's kids and girlfriend

Uka and my dad being silly
2009 - We went to Columbus to be with my family

Happy Thanksgiving