Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yes, We're Cloth Diapering

It seems like cloth diapers are all the rage now. When I was a baby my parents used them, but they were the standard white diapers with pins and plastic covers. You'd have to swish them in the toilet and they were quite messy.

Now things are much more simpler (and cuter!). Here are some of the brands we considered:

Fuzzi Bunz


Bum Genius

I'm a fan of a few other bloggers' posts on CDing:

Young House Love - this is the one that really broke it down and got us very much interested especially the cost comparison

BabyMakinMachine - she was a bit of a skeptic at first but is now very much committed to CDing (her little girl looks so cute in the diapers too!)

We settled on Bum Genius' 4.0 after reading countless reviews and scouring the Internet for discounts. Like Young House Love, we ordered twelve cloth diapers. We found a sale on Bum Genius' website for buy five get one free. We originally wanted to order them a couple months ago from, but they were out of stock. At the time they had a coupon code for 10% and they have free shipping. When they were re-stocked there was no longer a discount for Bum Genius and although their fine print said they didn't take BOGO coupons I wrote anyway to see if they would honor it, but it took them a while to get back to me so in the interim I called the manufacturer directly who pointed me to Cotton Babies, and we ordered them there (also free shipping). was going to apply the discount by sending me 10 diapers for the price of 8 whereas Cotton Babies sent me 12 for the price of 10, which is what I preferred anyway. I'll still be on the lookout for discounts on from as they have many first-time customer offers.

Thinking ahead we decided to get gender neutral colors (again like Young House Love!), but I did get one each of Sweet and Noodle, which I think should still be fine if our next baby is a boy. For the rest I got two of the following: Grasshopper, Twighlight, Butternut and four White.

Here is the full color palette:

Here are the features of Bum Genius' 4.0:

The main reason we're cloth diapers is COST! We need to save $! Sure there's the green reason too, but I can't believe how much disposables cost. It's crazy! I'll consider cloth wipes too, but for now we still have a ton of disposables although I do have some cloth wipes on hand should we decide to make the change.

Also, unlike most New York City dwellers, we have a washer and dryer in our apartment. It's a Bosch HE so we're not concerned about the electricity bill (the landlord pays the water bill). If we had to go to the laundromat I think it would definitely be more challenging and we wouldn't want to send the diapers out either with a diaper service as that would defeat the point of saving money.

Although Nia hasn't had diaper rash yet, I know cloth is better for her skin so I'm hoping now we can avoid diaper rash altogether.

We also have Kushies inserts on hand which I've read on Amazon make #2s a lot easier to dispose of although breastmilk poo is perfectly fine to just throw in the wash, and we have the hanging wet bag which we use as the diaper pail with her disposables for now, as well as take along wet bags for her diaper bag.

I'll be posting updates on how we do as we transition to cloth.

Wish us luck! 


  1. We used the Bum Genius for Wyatt too. I loved them! They were so easy to use and I wish I had discovered them with my first 2. They do save a lot of money which is so nice for the wallet. :) Happy cloth diapering! :)

  2. Good luck to you!

    I was very excited to try cloth and I purchased all types and brands of diapers. It wasn't as difficult as I imagined but I don't do cloth anymore. The Mister never really got into it and since he stayed home with the baby...well he really needed to be on the bandwagon LOL!

    Just don't go fluff crazy and get addicted to the oh so cute diapers. I think those types of women don't save any money in the end. :)

  3. Hooray! We've been cd since day one. It saves so much $$$ especially if you stick with the basics and don't buy every new model coming down the line. I don't regret it one bit. I have cloth diaper and accessory giveaways on my blog this whole week. stop by and enter a few (Pooters and Mother-Ease giveaways are tomorrow and Friday)

  4. @Julie and @Teresha thank you for the encouragement! Teresha, I'll definitely check out your giveaway

    @keyalus yes, i've seen moms on forums get carried away with purchases! we hope to stick with the original 12 and any additional will be as gifts

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