Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Obsession With As Seen on TV Products

I don't know why but for some reason as this year comes to a close I have as seen on TV products on my mind!

I've had a bit of an obsession with them since childhood. Something about them sucks me in and I've even seen Uka watching them in amazement late at night. I think deep down I really want to create an "as seen on TV" product and become filthy rich. Each time I see a new one I think, "Ohhhh, why didn't I think of that?" I do keep a running list of inventions but who knows if they'll make it to TV.

Anyway, here are a couple products that I remember from my childhood:

The Ab Isolator - Ahhhh who could resist Tony Little? My mom ordered this, and I did it off and on in middle school. I can't say that it worked.

Topsy Tail - Yep, I had one, and I wore my topsy tail a couple times with bangs. Thankfully there are no pictures of this tragedy.

The items I'm obsessed with now are:

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Ok, one last confession: I badly want a Snuggie! 

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I see them in Bed Bath and Beyond and K & G and look longingly at them every time I'm in those stores, but I can't bring myself to buy one publicly. Perhaps I'll just order it online and have it shipped in plain brown packaging!

Do our readers have any as seen on tv products that actually work? Any funny memories to share?


  1. Ha ha! As I have insomnia ALL the time now, I've seen all of these commercials a million times. They amuse me soooooo much! The Chef Basket does look quite handy. Hubby and I were discussing it last night.

    My latest fascination? The Booty Pop! I want to meet or talk to someone who has purchased these pads. Such a conversation would bring me great joy.

  2. @mrstdj thanks for stopping by! i had never heard of booty pop and had to google. OMG! DH would probably want me to get some since losing my booty post-baby lol! that is hilarious. thx for sharing =)

  3. I have Sham Wow, LOL! I also scored a Slanket from my hubby's company. From what I understand they are better quality than Snuggie. fyi
    New Year, New Friend!

  4. So many products to choose from but my favourite would have to be the wonder file its a great organizer that I truly could not be without it. Thanks as seen on tv I love your products.