Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cloth Wipes Review: Babykicks vs. Bummas

I know I'm behind in posting my cloth diaper update, but while I'm working on that I thought I'd share a quick review of cloth wipes. We were gifted so many disposable wipes that we used those, as well as gifted disposable diapers, before moving on to cloth. I had put Babykicks cloth wipes on Nia's registry because I had reviewed all the wipes and these seemed to come out on top (4 1/2 out of 5 stars based on 52 reviews).

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They come in a pack of ten and honestly just seemed like washcloths to me, and I used them as such until we ran out of wipes. Nia has occasional massive #2s, and I figured I'd need more than ten wipes so I started looking at other options around the time our disposables were running out. Well over at Marlie and Me, a blog I follow, Teresha was sponsoring a giveaway of Bummas cloth wipes (also a pack of 10) and lo and behold I ended up winning! 

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For me the main difference between the wipes is texture and size. I prefer Babykicks' oval shape as it fits in my hand better, but Bummas have a much better texture for handling #2s. Both wipes have a smooth side and a rough side, but I just stick with Babykicks for #1 and Bummas for #2s. Having both sets of wipes is the perfect amount for the twelve cloth diapers we have. We still think we need to buy 2-4 more cloth diapers to get us through the in-between times when Nia's made a sudden #2 or we have the diapers in the wash/dryer and they're not quite done yet.

Also from a cost perspective Babykicks are slightly more expensive than Bummas at $14.50 vs. $12, respectively, but if you consider the cost of buying disposable wipes either is a more economical choice. Both hold up really well in the wash and I plan on using them with the next baby (which won't happen for a VERY long time!).

So there you have it, my cloth wipes review =)

Oh! I forgot to mention solution! We didn't buy a special solution, but for now we just use water mixed with a few drops of Dr. Bronner's castille soap (my sister gave me some for Christmas). There are lots of homemade wipes solutions here, but we put our wipes solution in a spray bottle and keep it with the wipes on Nia's changing table. When we go out in public we just spray our wipes and put them in the plastic wipes holder. Soiled items get rolled up together in the wet bag when we're out or in the hanging wet diaper bag when we're at home then dumped in the wash. It's so easy!


  1. I like how you broke it down. I haven't tried Babykicks cloth wipes, but I'm hooked on the Bummas. They handle the #2s w/o necessary roughness.

  2. great post. we are using disposables and gradually switching to cloth wipes and dipes. we use the kissaluvs terry cloth wipes and love them. we just ordered kissaluvs organics--on their way. looking forward to seeing which are better...



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