Friday, January 28, 2011

Field Trip: Please Touch Musuem

I was at the gym doing cardio and was watching Kendra on E! while I worked out. I don't know why I like her, but I do and I especially think her baby, Hank, is too cute!

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Anyway, during this particular episode the family visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. I've only been to Philly a couple times and have never heard of the museum but it looked like a fun place to go. I think Hank Sr. and Kendra actually had more fun there than little Hank! Here's their visit:

I'm already planning a trip there this fall after Nia turns 1. She already likes to touch everything and is interested in so many textures. I walk her around the apartment and take her up to different things like the lampshade, wooden bowls, fruit and vegetables, kitchen utensils etc. and I say, "Touch it!" I guide her hand to touch and now she can reach out on command. It's so cute! She looks with eyes of wonder at the things she touches and smiles. Her favorite thing is the living room lampshade; she's been staring at it since she was a newborn.

Have any of you been to the Please Touch Museum? What has your experience been? 


  1. I haven't been to the feel/touch musuem but we have taken our little guy to a children's museum, which is essentially the same thing. He loved it! We didn't have enough time to do everything. Although, I do think that the adults end up having more fun than the kids.

  2. I Heart Kendra too! AND the kardashians....i can't.stop.watching!

  3. @Darcy ha ha! glad i'm not alone. i try to catch it online when i can!

  4. I love kendra! I think shes cute and real. thats what i like best, her realness - sounds like a fun place. can't wait to hear about how you like it!