Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Websites: Perpetual Kid and Uncommon Goods

I have thousands of bookmarks meticulously filed away in several folders and wanted to share a couple of fun sites I like to browse:

Perpetual Kid

This site has childish items that function for all ages. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think Nia would like this!

These would make fun grocery totes

As a child of the 80s these are so appealing

The nerd in me loves this clock

Uncommon Goods 

This site specializes in mostly handmade, unique gifts. These are my favorites:

This grandparents' journal would make a nice gift

I could envision this on my windowsill


You can never have enough coasters and these are fun
Know of any other fun sites? Please share!


  1. I LOVE the Food Face plate! Wyatt would love one too. I may have to check that one out. :) I agree with you about the plant. The plant would look perfect on your window seal. :) Thanks for posting these fun items. :)

  2. We got one of those Food Face plates for Christmas! I thought it was really cute. Can't wait to use it someday for a future child.

  3. @Sarahawww i'm sure your LO will love it!