Thursday, January 20, 2011

Neighbor Awesomeness

One of my favorite Harlem blogs is Harlem Bespoke. It's the most accurate, up-to-date account of daily life in Harlem and it respects the history of Harlem as well by paying homage to how things used to be.

While browsing Harlem Bespoke I came across a link to this article in the New York Times about a brownstone that recently sold not far from where we live. The story of the couple was quite fascinating: the wife, who was a 30-year old teacher in Harlem, had met her husband, a 34-year old who works in sales, through someone she met at her part-time job at Restoration Hardware. While working there she complimented a customer's French and remarked how she wanted to practice French, and he set her up with his friend (her future husband).

Photo Credit: NYT
Here are a couple pictures of their $1.1 million brownstone:

The corner brownstone is theirs; photo credit: NYT
Photo Credit: NYT via

Now to explain why I titled the post "Neighbor Awesomeness:" they live in our neighborhood, hence "neighbor," but the "awesomeness" comes from after I ventured to the owner Emilie's blog and found the following:


Tell me that wasn't awesome! It makes me want to go back and get married all over again just so I can do something similar.