Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Can't I Keep My Gloves???

About 5 years ago I was given a lovely pair of Nine West leather gloves by someone who had heard me complain about how I always lose my leather gloves. Well guess what? I promptly lost half of the pair and ran to Macy's to buy another pair. I then had 3 gloves. Soon after I lost another half of the pair in a restaurant parking lot, but luckily the 3rd glove at home matched the remaining glove. Keeping track??? Well, last month I had my gloves on the train and took one off to type on my BlackBerry. When I came to my stop I remember looking back to see if I dropped anything, and I didn't see my glove but apparently it must've dropped because when I came off the train I couldn't find it. And no one said a word to me! Mind you, I was carrying Nia and had the diaper bag too. I had Tweeted and Facebook status updated that I was so disappointed that no one said anything as I always do when I notice someone drops something. Oh well!  Since then I keep noticing dropped gloves and mittens all over the city while I mourn the loss of mine.

I was then reminded of a segment I watched on The New York Times' website about the MTA's lost and found. It's pretty extensive and houses thousands of items which largely go unclaimed. You can check out the clip here. It's amazing all of the things that go unclaimed, and I've decided to give it a go with tracking down my glove. In their story the NYT even "lost" a few items then tracked them to see if they would later turn up!

Here's an excerpt: 

Usually it takes 7 to 10 days for an item to make its way from a station attendant’s booth to a dispatcher, and so on up the line, but the station pickups are once a week, so if you’ve just missed one, it can take longer; Lost Property agents assured me that everything but perishable food is turned in.

I lost my glove on December 5 so I'm hoping it's logged in the system by now. I'll post an update to see if I get any news. I'll be very excited if it turns up! I once lost my purse in a taxicab and got it back months later with only my Uno cards missing (my wallet and camera were still there!). 

Speaking of unclaimed items I've always wanted to visit the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama which houses unclaimed airlines' items. There are some amazing deals and you can even shop online. 

Have any of you ever lost anything and thought it was gone forever only to have it turn up later? 


  1. I lost my wallet on the Red Line in Boston and didn't realize till the next day. Before calling and canceling my credit cards and closing my accounts, I went to the lost and found and not only found my wallet, found the cash, the cc and my checks. T he police said I was very lucky. I like to think I was blessed:)

  2. @Marie Wow! What a story. You are blessed =)