Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mama Needs a Skillet!

Photo Credit: lodgemfg.com
Despite the fact that I'm an avid cook and baker, there are a few items that I'm always surprised that I don't own. One of those is a cast iron skillet.

My dad made a delicious cast iron pizza at a friends' NYC apartment one year when we visited. It came out so good, and I've always wanted to replicate it. When watching the Food Network I always see Paula Deen make such yummy meals in her cast iron skillet - they're obviously not always healthy, but they sure do look good!

I've read a lot about cast iron skillets and understand that they can be heirloom items too especially as they're properly seasoned as they get better with age. A cast iron skillet should never we washed with soap and water either, just rubbed down instead. 

The brand of cast iron I want is a Lodge; I read about it here on Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn. A basic Lodge skillet is only $25! I always imagined that they were upwards of $50; perhaps I mistakenly thought that because they are so heavy (irrational I know!).

There are so many different dimensions of skillets on Lodge's website that it's a bit overwhelming. I guess it's the same as thinking of a fry pan. I have a couple different sizes, but the one I use the most is 9" so I guess that would work for a cast iron skillet too. I could always buy more sizes and shapes later. (The 9" is on sale right now too for only $15.95!)

Do any of our readers have cast iron skillets? How often do you use them? I'm a big breakfast person, and I love to bake. I envision using mine for fried chicken too!

P.S. Lodge didn't contact me to write this post; I just came across them on my own!


  1. I have one but I dont use it that often. That thing is hea-vy. I am pretty sure I didn't buy mine either. I must have been a hand me down from someone. I thought they were really expensive too though. $25 isn't bad.

  2. I have one. It was given to me. I love it. It is the best for frying, and also goes in the oven and makes the best cornbread. Like K. said, it is uber heavy. I have had mine about 8 years and it still looks new. Make sure to season it well.

  3. We LOVE our cast iron skillet!!! David used to be the only one that would cook with the cast iron skillets. We have a set of 3 in large, medium, and small. I only make my cornbread in my cast iron skillet. The crust is so crispy especially because I heat it up in the oven first. David will cook just about anything in his. We do eggs but they can stick but I love to cook sausage in it and then make my sausage gravy in the skillet. They can be a pain to clean up though (which is why I don't like making scrambled eggs in mine). My grandma has a collection of cast iron skillets and I'm hoping to get one of hers one day. I love the idea of cooking in the same cast iron skillet that she has over the years. :) You should for sure add one to your kitchen! :)