Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I'm Looking Forward to This Week

I'm not big into list posts, but it's appropriate for thinking about all the things going on this week:
  • 1st Toastmasters' Contest  - I completed my Competent Communicator certificate last month and will participate in my first club contest tomorrow. I won't be doing a speech but will be evaluating. Honestly, it's almost harder to me to evaluate because it's impromptu vs. a speech which is prepared. I've evaluated 3 times before so I still feel like a relatively new evaluator, but I think this will be good practice. Eventually, I'd like to do a speech contest.
  • Growth Group - Uka and I are co-leading a church group which will be reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis; I've started it already and it's SO good! I can't believe I haven't read it before.
  • Two Interviews - Not gonna give a lot of details here, but I have a couple of interviews this week that I'm pretty excited about. 
  • Toastmasters Officers' Training- I've been thrust into the role of VP of PR for Harlem Toastmasters, so I have to do training first. Uka's president and asked me to fill in partway through the term so I'm happy to fill the role.
  • Solids for Nia - We're introducing solids on Saturday and have been putting her in her high chair for the past week; this week we're letting her hold her spoon and bowl at mealtime so she can get acclimated before we give her solids.
  • Parents Visit - My mom and dad are coming for the weekend to celebrate Nia's baby dedication at church on Sunday. It's a short visit but I'm glad they're able to make it. My mom made Nia's outfit so I'll be sure to post pics! We're having a small brunch afterward and my dad is making cinnamon rolls - his are waaay better than Cinnabon.
It's going to be a very busy week, and I hope everything goes smoothly!


  1. Busy week for you guys but sounds fun! I need to get back into a church that has workshops and young adult classes!!

  2. @New York State of Mom Our church The Journey has a location in Brooklyn you should check out! They're very much into small groups. Crenshaw Christian Center East has a young adult program I believe so you should check them out too.

  3. You have so many exciting things coming up! I wish you all the best. What solids are you going to introduce first?

  4. Awww post pics of her dedication at church! That is so special :) Praying all goes well this week with all this exciting stuff!

  5. @Teresha@Marlie and Me i'm planning on giving her homemade brown rice cereal, but i'm working with a nutrition blogger on various options so we'll see!