Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ahhh, The Royal Wedding

I've posted before about how I'm obsessed with all things British, and when I saw an ad for Wedgewood's Royal Collection pieces I had to click through. 

Here's what's featured:
Wedgewood Royal Wedding Plate
Wedgewood Royal Wedding Trinket Box

Wedgewood Royal Wedding Satyr Vase

Wedgewood Royal Wedding Mug
I don't even know what a satyr vase is, but it's 500 pounds - WHOA! The mug is more manageable at 35 pounds, and I really want it. I've always felt connected to Prince William because we're about the same age and have always paid attention to him in the news and tabloids. I've always thought he was handsome too luckily taking after his mother more than his father although he did inherit his father's dreadful thinning hair. I hope his and Kate's children have her thick hair! 

Anyway, now I just have to convince Mr. Love Bird to get that mug for me which goes on sale in a week . . .