Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mrs. Love Bird's Wendy Williams' Experience

I hinted a few weeks ago about my celebrity encounter and here at last are the details:

Last month I responded to a Wendy Williams' tweet about getting a Kim Kardashian makeover. About and hour later I was contacted to come by the studio for a casting call. While I wasn't chosen, they told me I'd probably be suited for something else later. Well fast forward a couple weeks, and I was called up for a mom's segment. My wonderful sister-in-law watched Nia for me while I headed out to Family Dollar to film the segment (unglamorous store, I know, but hey, it sounded like a unique opportunity!). 

The segment, which aired Mother's Day, was Wendy pretending to be an employee of Family Dollar for the day. While several moms were chosen to go only a few were filmed - I wasn't one of them. 

Here's a pic of us moms with Wendy (some of the ladies were super pushy to get close to Wendy, and I obviously didn't really care as you can only see my head!):

We were given a Family Dollar gift card and told we could go back to the show for the airing of segment (the Mother's Day episode). At the time I didn't think I could go but again, my sister-in-law was able to watch Nia so I made it!

It was a really fun show! I met up with a few of the other moms from the Family Dollar segment and we all set together (we were VIPs!).

Wendy talks to us moms

Wendy was so emotional that day; she was very candid!
We were given some special Mother's Day surprises: organic, pink roses, a mom charm necklace from Helen Ficalora, another Family Dollar giftcard (Mr. Love Bird and I are going on a spree this weekend!) and a spray tan session (like I need more melanin!).

 Nia attempts to eat my roses
Overall, it was a fun experience, and my mom in DC even saw me onscreen!


  1. That sounds like fun! And the unexpected gifts on top of it all. Nice!!

  2. Wow! How exciting! I was recently introduced to your blog by a friend and I must say that its amazing! I love all the adventures you have! I'm starting my own blog and although I've never done it before, I think it will be a fun experience! Wish me luck!

  3. @Chic Southern Housewife Thank you for stopping by! Congratulations on your blog! I didn't see a place to leave a comment, but I'm a follower. You definitely sounds like a woman after my own heart, especially with the Martha Stewart reference =)

  4. The picture of your daughter trying to eat the rose is funny. I thought my son was the only one with a flower fetish. He liked to grab my Mother's Day roses by the fistful!