Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pre-Mother's Day Thoughts

This time last year I was six months pregnant with Nia, but now that she's on the outside Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning - last year was just practice!

Mother's Day 2010
Our church is honoring moms this Sunday with a family portrait, a flower, a book for married couples and one lucky mom in each service will win a spa giveaway! {If you're in the NYC area and want to check out my church for Mother's Day click here.} 

My cousin CasSaundria surprised me with flowers for Mother's Day last year and Uka did my pedicure.

This year I had tweeted that I really didn't expect Uka to even remember Mother's Day - this despite all the commercials we keep seeing together. A couple nights ago he asked, "When is Mother's Day?"

Guess I was right!

Our church has sent many mailings reminding us of the special celebration this Sunday and while I usually pick up the mail, he picked it up yesterday, saw another mailing and this gave me the opportunity to discuss further . . .

I asked if he remembered last year's Mother's Day, and he gave a sheepish smile and said he was trying to remember. I reminded him of the pedicure he did for me and he asked, "Can I just do that again?" "Noooooo!" I answered. He asked what I wanted and I said that I really didn't want to be in the kitchen for Mother's Day. He then asked for clarification on whether that meant if he should cook or if we should go out. "Wellll," I said, "I think the weather's going to be nice . . ." He said he'd figure something out.

I would love to get a mani/pedi at a nail salon so rather than wait and be un/surprised I may just go ahead and request it.

Either way I'll be sure to post what happens along with our new and improved Mother's Day family portrait.

BTW, take a look at Sherry's (from Young House Love) Mother's Day thoughts over on BabyCenter; she was also pregnant for her first Mother's Day last year.