Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSA: Proper Undergarments

Photo Credit: Cafe Press

I follow Nicole Bitchie on Twitter and last month she posted a helpful go-to guide for underwear. I wish this was plastered on billboards, subway posters and buses all throughout NYC, especially Harlem AND especially now that warmer weather is here! From VPL (visible panty lines) to see through leggings and muffin tops that runneth over, the offenses are ATROCIOUS! I am so embarrassed for so many young women running through the streets of NYC lately thinking they have it all together but honestly, they do not!

Now I have to be honest and admit this guide is not just for those who have grossly offended proper underwear etiquette, but it is also just plain useful for those of us with more class. I'm definitely bookmarking the My Skin Lingerie

Photo Credit: My Skin Lingerie
I adore wearing white, and I've been in constant search of the perfect nude. I had consulted Victoria's Secret before and an associate was so confused about what to wear under white that I eventually figured it out on my own, but I was so surprised that this wasn't a part of their basic training or if it was, perhaps she just forgot. Anyway, at last I'm excited to come across an array of lingerie shades fit for wearing under white (and they're seamless too!)!

Any other undergarment tips to share?

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  1. I like to wear a full slip under dresses. Everything is smoothed out.