Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going Camping . . . Someday

Recently Mr. Love Bird and I had to decline an invitation for a weekend camping trip and our church is having a guys' camping trip this summer (again, Uka's unable to go) AND I've been drooling over Ralph Lauren's luxurious teepees ever since I saw them on Oprah (not quite camping but close enough!). 

With all of this on my mind, when I came across Paws Up in Montana mentioned on one of my favorite blogs (Elements of Style) I knew I definitely needed to spotlight it, especially because that invitation to Ralph Lauren's teepee village is not forthcoming (you can tour it here).

Check this out:

Photo Credit: Paws Up
I know certain die-hard enthusiasts would consider this wussy camping, but for me, it's right up my alley! While I do like the outdoors I can be a bit of a wuss when it comes to dealing with nature (i.e. bugs). 

Have any of my readers gone "glamping*?" Is it considered cheating?

{*This is Glamorous posted on this glamorous camping trend, apparently called "glamping" (who knew!)}

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  1. I hate camping. HATE! After looking at your post I would 100% try glamping. In fact, it might be the only way my husband might actually get me to sleep in a tent again!