Monday, June 13, 2011

Life with Nia: 10 Months

Silly Nia on her 10 month bday!
Nia and I spent this past Thursday-yesterday in VA visiting my parents. My dad had invited us down for his company picnic and my brother Michael and sister Lauren came too. We had a lot of fun including a "sibling ascent" in a hot air balloon (I'll post pics separately!).
How Nia spent most of her time on the bus!
Anyway, Nia is becoming a pro at the Bolt Bus; going there she slept a little and played mostly and on the way back she slept for the first two hours and was quite pleasant the last two hours. She thinks everyone is her friend and tries to engage anyone sitting around us for playtime! Unforatunately, the ride down was very hot. It was nearly 100 degrees in NYC and our bus' AC was broken. Nia was a doll in her diaper and I kept her hydrated. She didn't know the difference!

Nia and my dad at his company picnic
Nia was excited to see Tanner again and was more talkative this time yelling at him and chasing him down! Tanner still felt the need to protect Nia during her nap time:

We sang happy birthday to Nia yesterday and she smiled (I've been singing this to her regularly to get her used to it for her 1st birthday).

I also took her to the pool and had been showing her the video of her first time in the pool for the last couple weeks since we visited my parents so when we got to the pool it was as though she remembered it was ready to play! She was too cute in her sun-safe hat:

Now on to the full update:
  • Baby's Weight: She's 20 lbs according to our new scale we purchased (she was 17lbs 15 oz last month)
  • Baby's Height: Won't know for sure until her 1-year appointment, but probably up to 28" by now (she was 27 1/2" last month)
  • What size of clothing does baby wear? She's fully in 12 mths!
  • Any milestones baby reached during the month:  
      • Occasionally standing on her own
      • Picking up her pelvis when crawling instead of dragging herself (she did this 2 days after her 9mth appointment after I had voiced my concern to the dr.!)
      • Playing peek-a-boo:
    • Special outings baby had during the month: Just going to DC-metro area a couple times on the Bolt Bus.
    • What are your thoughts about the past month? It is as though a switch has been flipped and Nia's personality has come out in full force. I love that she "talks" a lot more now and can't wait to hear what she really has to say. She seems to have a lot on her mind!
    • What was baby's routine? It's pretty much the same as before: waking around 5:45/6a.m., morning nap and sometimes an afternoon nap. We're bathing her more frequently now that solids have been introduced (which makes cloth diapering very eventful!).
    • Reflect about the highlights of the month: Nia tried cherries for the first time and LOVED them! Here's a video:
      • Did any big changes occur, such as baby started daycare, stopped nursing, slept through the night, etc... No changes!
      • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc... My sister Lauren gave Nia the book Color Bears and she is quite obsessed with it. She "talks" extensively after each color and likes to turn the pages herself. Here she is the first day she received the book:

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