Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did I Really Send My Husband to Las Vegas?

Love Birds' First Vegas Trip in 2006
Yes, indeed I did! He's been there since Wednesday and gets back later tonight. Mr. Love Bird works so hard and needed a vacation badly so when he and his best friend turned 30 this year I suggested they go to Vegas. He was a bit skeptical at first and thought I was setting him up for a trap, but alas I wasn't!

I had gone to Vegas with a girlfriend a few years ago and I have to say while I thoroughly enjoyed the many Vegas trips I've had with Mr. Love Bird, going with a girlfriend is a whole other story! A story that stays in Vegas, actually . . .

My favorite Vegas photo!
While I expected not to hear from Uka, the first three times he called me I missed his call and the 4th time I was in the library and couldn't talk! I guess I didn't expect him to call so much. Secretly, I think he misses me and Nia!

Throughout the week I've been getting pics of his meals at In-N-Out Burger (I think Shake Shack is slightly better!) and Terrible's (they have an amazing chicken dinner under $10) as well as his fabulous room at Hard Rock (one of my favorite casinos) and his visit to the Red Rocks. It truly looks like he's having an amazing time!

We've been to Vegas every year since Mr. Love Bird turned 25 except for 2009, when we got married. I'm really hoping I can go for my birthday this year (Uka hinted at it a few weeks ago!), so we'll see.  

Engaged in Vegas 2007
By the way, a few friends commented on how amazing it was that I was "allowing" Uka to go to Vegas. Ummmm, he's a grown man and we are not into the whole "permission" thing. It was just something I know I enjoyed with a girlfriend and a place he likes yet has never been with a guy friend so I suggested it. The end!

{You can see an album from our several trips to Vegas over the years here}

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  1. Hooray! I love Vegas, but my hubs thinks it's tacky. Every couple needs guy and girl time with their friends. And, um, we don't need permission from each other to go on a trip sans spouse. It's called being a grown up.