Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Last summer when Nia was only a few weeks old, my best friend Julie, who was visiting from Ohio, went with us to Governor's Island's Jazz Age Lawn Party. It was a gorgeous day and despite Nia being a newborn, it was wonderful to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air!

This summer I hope to go again - also in August. The Jazz Age Lawn Party happens twice each summer and the first party was a couple weeks ago. Here are a few highlights courtesy of From Me to You

I'm thinking that it might be fun to dress Nia up as a little flapper since she'll definitely be walking more steadily by then. I may get costumed up too and would love for Mr. Love Bird to as well, but something tells me that's wishful thinking!

If you'd like to purchase tickets to the Jazz Age Lawn Party just click here (only $7 online!).


  1. The event was so much fun! Nia would be sooo cute as a little flapper girl! :) Check out eBay for acute baby flapper dress. :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!