Friday, August 19, 2011

Have You Heard of Springwise?

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I've written before about how I'm a budding entrepreneur, but with being a mommy now it's hard to stay focused. I have a few small projects/meetings in the works that I believe will lead to some amazing opportunities, and of course you have to start somewhere. For me, that's where Springwise comes in.

I can't recall where I first heard of it, but it is a round-up of worldwide business ideas that is awesome for brainstorming and thinking up other profit centers. I get weekly updates from Springwise in my inbox, and the quick-hit snippets are easy to scroll through. When I'm in an idea rut or just want to stay inspired and in the know, I go through my old Springwise e-mails.

Here are some of my favorite ideas I've seen on Springwise:
Have any of my readers heard of Springwise or have another inspirational site to share?

{P.S. You can also sign up to be a "springspotter' - their term for a trendspotter and there are perks! Check sign up here.}

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