Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene Did Our Family Good

Our view of Irene
This past Thursday I went to Pathmark to pick up a few groceries and had started hearing rumblings about Irene but didn't notice any frenzy in the store. I kept checking the radar and saw that by Saturday we'd have some hurricane weather coming our way for sure.

I know everyone says, "Better safe than sorry," but by Friday afternoon I couldn't believe all the media frenzy over Irene. It was clear that certain areas of Manhattan would be flooded but where we live in Harlem up on a hill, I was pretty sure we'd be ok. 

Mr. Love Bird works part time on the weekends, and I knew he'd be able to work Friday, but Saturday we weren't so sure. We had some plans on Saturday but those quickly cancelled as we got word that the subway would be shutting down - unheard of! 

We also got a call that our church's Sunday services would be cancelled as well as an engagement party we were supposed to attend.

Beginning on Saturday morning I knew we were going to have a unique weekend in our household . . .

Nothing to do!

For the past 3 months every weekend has been booked solid with events and for once we had absolutely nothing to do but be with each other and it was AWESOME!

Saturday night when Nia was a little restless and woke back up around 11 we let her get up and we all sat together on the living room rug with only the light above the stove on stove and the windows open while listening to Fela on Pandora. It was a perfect night!

We watched a couple movies together (I highly recommend There Will Be Blood, btw!) and got some chores done around the apartment. Mr. Love Bird even gave Nia all her baths, got lots of diaper changes and storytime in and plenty of cuddle time too. I can tell Nia soaked it all in.

So while we experienced a tiny bit of leaking in our apartment, overall Irene made our family slow down and enjoy some quality time together. 

That was our silver lining! Did you have one?


  1. Glad your family is safe and avoided any major damage. I can't imagine being on lock down for a weekend, but you made the best of it. :_)

  2. I'm glad that everything worked out okay and that you got to spend some quality family time!

  3. I admit that I love winter storms that shut everything down, for just that reason.

  4. That is so awesome that you made the best out of a bad situation.

  5. or what couldve been a bad situation : )

  6. Glad everything was well in your area. Sometimes it is good to stop and sit back with family.