Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 Things That Made Me Laugh

#1 Let's just say the frenzy of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is making some people a bit too creative:

#2 This is an actual candid photo that someone took on the subway. What is it? And more importantly, why didn't the lady beside it move away?

From the awesome new blog Subway Couture
#3 Man Babies - Mr. Love Bird and I had tears rolling down our faces when we saw this:

#4 My fave: "Empty Space Caused by the Stupid Shape of Idaho"

What made you laugh today?


  1. The Man Babies are funny yet creepy and a bit disturbing! LOL Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh:)

  2. In #2 that thing looks scary, but I am more concerned why that lady is still sitting there like it is okay.....crazy! lol

  3. oh that man baby thing totally freaked me out! first one is hilarious!

  4. The map had me ROTF laughing because I can't correctly name most of those states in the middle either...scary. Man babies...scarier