Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess What? It's STILL Summer!

Mr. Love Bird bought me new booties, and I won't be wearing them until fall!

I have been noticing everyone mentioning how excited they are that fall is here, but since my birthday falls on either the first day of fall or the last day of summer depending on the year I'm here to set the record straight:

It's still summer!

My birthday is a week from today (I'll be 31), and I always get annoyed at how people try to rush right into saying it's fall right after Labor Day. It was 80-something degrees here yesterday, I just returned from playing with Nia at the park, and it's DEFINITELY still summer!

So I will keep wearing my summer clothes, painting my nails turquoise and wearing open toed shoes until it's actually fall. No need to rush!

Oh and it's waaaay too warm to be drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Might wait until October for that.

That is my rant for today!


  1. I was with you until you got to the pumkin spiced latte part....that's a treat that's great all year round!!

  2. @Dani @ OK, Dani LOL! ok ok, I guess if it's iced, it's ok ;-)

  3. It's chilly over here but I hope we a few more 80 degree days in our future.

    Cute booties!