Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on "Something's Missing"

Remember my Something's Missing post? Clutch Magazine recently posted about the same issue in regards to Zoe Saldana's new movie Colombiana:

The author wrote: 

Although Saldana is playing a Latina, she is clearly Black. Despite this (or perhaps because she can attract both audiences?) the studio has poured in millions of marketing dollars, appealing to not just Black and Latino audiences, but everyone who loves action films.

This gives me hope. If Columbiana does well at the box office, it could potentially open the door for more action films featuring bada** Black women. Because as I gear up to watch Saldana avenge her parents’ death, one thing is painfully clear: it’s been far too long since Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson kicked butt and took names. 

Do you agree? Will you or have you seen Colombiana?


  1. I haven't seen it, but my sister has - she said it was pretty good. her husband loved it, but admittedly, he is a big Zoe Saldana fan :)
    So.....I have to disagree with the author a bit. When he says "Although Saldana is playing a Latina, she is clearly Black".....I don't think it's quite that "clear". She has a somewhat of a mixed background like a lot of us. She is half domincan and half puerto rican, which in and of themselves have varied backgrounds. I suppose regardless of how others may identify her, she identifies herself as latino. I just read another interview with her about a week or so (??) ago where she was saying how she's lucky she's latina and knows how to cook all these good authentic dishes - something to that effect. I guess the point is she identifies as latino. Either way, she's a great actress!

  2. I haven't seen it, but I kind of want to! I've heard from a few other bloggers that it's pretty good. I can see how it would appeal to both the black and Latino community, though is she black? I don't know a lot about her, she looks at least mixed to me.

    Regardless, I still want to see it. (I am mixed, if that matters)

  3. I have yet to see it but I heard she kicks butt in the movie! Good for Zoe for getting some awesome recognition!

  4. It's funny how people think there are no black Latinos!!! They must be from the midwest like me:-) i didn't learn that fact until I moved to the east coast..sad but true!!

  5. So true RE: this false binary vision of racial identity!!!

  6. I just saw this post and I have to disagree with the Clutch magazine author a bit - Zoe SaldaƱa is a Latina! I think people just have a hard time with this but Latinos come in all colors. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (which is Zoe's mix) are Taino, European and African in origin. Some of us resemble our European ancestors, some our African ones and some Taino. But Zoe is a spanish-speaking Latina!