Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Treehouse

Growing up in Columbus, OH I had a two-story clubhouse in my backyard that my dad built for me (if I ever find a picture I'll share it!). I didn't think anything of it growing up, but now as an adult with my own child living in under 1,000 square feet in NYC I realize it was indeed a big deal!

I was over on Apartment Therapy when I came across an amazing treehouse that suddenly reminded me of my childhood clubhouse. Mine wasn't in a tree so that's why it was a clubhouse - it was just a freestanding structure.

Check out this treehouse:

Photo credit
{You can take the full tour here}

What I love about it is the sentimental nature: it was built around a treeswing that the owner's father installed before he passed away. The treeshouse was built in his honor. 

Any of my readers ever have a childhood treehouse? 


  1. Never did have a playhouse but these are gorgeous! Would love
    To see your pictures!

  2. I climbed and sat in a lot of trees, but never had a treehouse. The one in the pictures looks more like a cabin alright