Thursday, November 24, 2011

How the Love Birds Do Thanksgiving

I am in awe that Thanksgiving is today; it came up SO fast!

This year feels more like baby's first Thanksgiving because Nia is so much more responsive and seems to be taking everything in with eyes of wonder. Just the other day the preview came on for the Muppets movie (btw I just have to pause and say I can't stand Kermit's new voice) and Nia froze in place, looked at the TV and exclaimed, "Heeeeey!" as in, "Oh yeah I almost forgot that was coming out!" 

I tell you our Lil Love Bird cracks me up every day!

Anyway, this is how we celebrated Thanksgiving last year:

The Love Birds with Uka's Aunt
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Now for an even further look back . . .

In 2006 Mr. Love Bird and I had our first Thanksgiving in Boston (you can go to the way, way back machine here to see those pics) . . .

Yes, that glint in Mr. Love Bird's mouth is braces (shhhhh! don't let him know I told!)
Then in 2007 my family came to NYC for my first year living there. . .

A striking resemblance to Shrek at the Thanksgiving-eve balloon viewing
2008 was with Mr. Love Bird's family in Baltimore . . .

Mr. Love Bird and his nephew, sister and niece
2009 was our last Thanksgiving in Ohio . . .

Little did I know I was pregnant!
And finally 2010's was in Queens then NJ with Mr. Love Bird's family, and now we're back in Harlem! We thought we'd be down in Baltimore with my family this year, but with our upcoming trip to Nigeria they decided to cut us some slack and come up here. Niiiiiice!

My parents, sister Lauren and brother Michael drove up from Baltimore, SC and TN, respectively, to come be with us for Thanksgiving. Since my sister Ariane is also in Harlem our siblings are staying with her and my parents with us. It all works out so well!

Now comes the fun part . . .

My family has quite the obsession with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We've gone like 4 or 5 times already, but it never gets old! I remember our first time it was rainy and couldn't see anything except for a sea of umbrellas. Regardless, my mom kept pestering me to take pictures. I told her they'd come back as a sea of umbrellas and sure enough they did!

Also my family likes to do things to embarrass me like take pictures on the subway and do weird things in public that make me give them the side eye . . .

That's my sister Lauren in red; can't remember what she did, but I didn't approve!
One of the best memories was going to see the balloons the night before. We did that in 2007 and did it again last night. Nia loved it just like I knew she would (full recap to come!).

My view of the parade in 2007 at Columbus Circle
We're watching the parade from my sister's office along the parade route. I've always wondered who were these lucky folks getting an eye level view of the balloons from high up while remaining nice and toasty warm, and I'm so excited that I finally will be joining their ranks. Thanks Ariane!

After the parade we'll come back, finish up cooking (a lot of it was done yesterday), eat, take a snooze after the itis sets in then go see the Muppets movie. I'm already knowing it's gonna be a perfect day!

Unfortunately, Mr. Love Bird has to work tomorrow (I have never personally known anyone to have to work the day after Thanksgiving but alas he does as the market is open), and my family will be up early shopping. Not sure if I'll brave the crowds with Nia as I'm more of a Cyber Monday shopper, but we'll see.

Saturday Mr. Love Bird and I want to do some shopping in Chinatown, I'd like to go out with my family and perhaps see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (it doesn't get lit until November 30) then Sunday is church and the race to Christmas continues!

Overall, I am most thankful for my family this Thanksgiving and feel so blessed that we're all able to be together again.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!