Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve (or How I Ended Up With a Sprained Ankle)

On November 30 we trekked down to see the Rockefeller tree lighting with my sister Ariane and needless to say it was a MAJOR fail. The crowd was too big and they turned people away. We couldn't even get close to the tree. Total waste of time. Mr. Love Bird made me promise never to try to go again. Similar to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, although he's from NYC he's never taken part in these touristy Christmas events.

I asked him if we could go look at the lit tree another time as a family and he obliged. I was going to wear Nia in my new Boba and head downtown to see my BFF who lives in the Financial District so it was easy for Mr. Love Bird to meet up there with me and Nia before heading uptown to see the tree with Ariane. 

I was heading down into the train when I suddenly missed the last step and went crashing down. Luckily it was just to a landing and I was right by the wall and landed on my butt. I was carrying Nia, the DSLR and the diaper bag. My immediate thought was Nia - I even forgot about the camera until much later (it was fine in its padded bag). There happened to be an off duty EMT and teacher right there. I had to sit a moment so survey the pain I was feeling. I thought I heard a pop so I assumed my ankle was broken but after a couple minutes I could tell it wasn't but didn't know if I could get up unassisted. I had the EMT take Nia out of the Boba and the teacher held my other things and helped me up. I walked around a bit, thanked the angels who helped me, packed Nia up and headed downtown. I sent a text to Uka to let him know what had happened and we met right before going into my BFF's apartment. We sat with ice for 30 minutes. With Uka's pro athlete background he took a look and told me I'd be fine.

We continued as planned up to Rockefeller took a few pics then hightailed it back home so I could get my leg up. 

It was worth it:

I was jealous of her view!

Now a funny/scary aside: around 4a.m. after my injury Nia was calling for me and all of a sudden stopped. Next thing I know she's at our door saying, "Mama?" Yes, Lil Love Bird has figured out to climb out of her crib. Fun times.

Merry Christmas everyone - I'll be chillin' with my ankle up and iced!