Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I Hate the Internet

I swear the internet is pure evil! The other day I saw Mr. Love Bird scrolling through a few crazy photos and I immediately knew they were the infamous Awkward Family Photos. I immediately became entangled in them and we started scrolling through them laughing uncontrollably. I've visited them before but now thanks to Pinterest which once stood as a bastion of crafty inspiration, we now have a round-up of some of the best awkwardness that the internet has to offer courtesy of this page. Here are a few of my faves:

I get that her child face reflection is weird but the fact that the bride is topless is worse

I actually cried when I saw this - especially the floating doll head!

I really am disturbed by this; the bride is literally on his mind?

Mr. Love Bird asked if it was a puppet. That's when I lost it!

Please tell me someone superimposed this image

And in honor of Christmas, I have to share a few awkward Santa photos too:

Is Santa just a puppet and the elf the puppeteer? {Photo Credit}

Isn't that the little girl from Matilda??? {Photo Credit}

Worse than the sax is his midriff {Photo Credit}
 Which one is your favorite?