Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Get So Weak in the Knees (Or Why I Heart Home Goods)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! With all the extra space we'll have soon I decided it would be fun to go with my mom, Grandma Mary and Nia to Home Goods (they've never been!). Home Goods is such a fun store, and I can spend hours there exploring. Although I've never been to the Upper West Side location not far from me, the one in Maryland was spacious and well organized. When I used to live in Boston I only went in the one right outside the city in Natick a couple times, but I don't remember it being as nice as the one I went to not far from my parents' house.

I found some awesome pieces that inspired me as I think about how I want to decorate our new apartment:
These were the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in. I'm thinking lucite lamps on bedroom nightstands or just one in the office/guest bedroom.

This is channeling Cupcakes and Cashmere! I think this would look divine in our bedroom (we have a space between our two windows that this would fit perfectly and would be viewable down our long hallway)

This doll helped us get through the first half of our shopping trip

That long piece would look great above our sage sofa

Love this for the office (and under $50!)

Awww look it's Harlem Love Birds!

Definitely want to find a way/place to incorporate a floor length mirror

We have a little entryway that would fit a bench - love that it has storage (and the nail heads!)

Love this neutral Barca Lounger piece at the base of the bed (and storage) - it had a rip on the other side that wouldn't be visible. The associate said the price was negotiable as a result!

This little hat is how we got through the second half of our shopping trip

This was whimsy!

Nia cried over this  - it'd look wonderful in her bathroom and would go with the existing monkey theme of her nursery

This over the dining table would be so elegant

Another office lamp option of vs. lucite; it's very crafty

Totally lusted over that tray! It'd go great on a coffee table or sitting out on our buffet table.
So of course I didn't get any of these big pieces - it was mostly an inspirational trip, but I did pick up some small kitchen items I had been needing for a while (silicone oven mitts, peeler, grater and a cooling rack - fun, I know!). 

Now back to packing, and I PROMISE my next post will be about Nigeria . . .